Intelligent Carpooling software made for smart corporate

GreenCar is world's largest not for profit carpooling organization. we offer Enterprise-level ridesharing software for corporate commuters. It offers intelligent ride sharing application to improve mobility among fellow workers.

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Show You Care

Less vehicles on road means less Co2 emissions. Besides helping environment it help boost your brand image.

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Our application is ready to run instantly, Greencar provides a advanced carpooling software with ultrafast map technology.

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Better Productvity

Employees who carpool have less commute-related stress, develop synergies and loyalty toward your company.

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Fully customized UI

Advance interface allows using GreenCar as your own carpooling platform. UI can be customized as per requirement.

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Insightful Analytics

Provides customized reports allowing you to track members registered, rides shared and overall statistical data.

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Peace of mind

Experience Absolute Peace of Mind while traveling with your colleagues and you need not worry about parking hassles.

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All colleagues on a map

GreenCar connects co-workers by mapping nearby colleagues geographically to help establishing carpools to and from work

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Cost effective

Carpooling or ridesharing is absolutely cost-effective. While you save the environment you save valuable money also.


What we offer?

  • For large corporates, we can also setup API in your server for your internal employees.
  • The software displays the company logo in the details user information sheets.
  • Automatics search of suitable carpools among your employees.
  • The software provide automatics networking via e-mail.
  • The software has a personalised site and URL.

Why Greencar as carpool partner?

  • Our aim is to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion. We see this as an opportunity to serve people, nation and mother earth rather than profit making project.
  • GreenCar carpool software has Better algorithm, better result-our system finds matches along the whole route for better match.
  • We have more than 3 years of experiences in carpooling and having more than 65,000 user registrations.
  • It is a very advanced and practical model means of travel of computers.