Help us to Help India

India needs every citizen’s help to bring down the dangerously high air pollution level it is currently at. It is our civic duty to do as much as we can, at an individual level, to reduce the damage done to our ecosphere on a daily basis. Since, carpooling is one of the economic ways of contributing to this cause, we urge you to support the cause and help us help the country.

Spread the word

Carpooling is a simple, economical and effective way of positively impacting our environment and we need to get this message out to as many Indians as possible so that we can save India’s ecosphere together. You can help by spreading the message on social media.Click here to spread the word

Become a volunteer

Be a change agent! Utilize your time, energy and passion to positively impact our environment and our economy. We are always looking for dedicated and passionate individuals to help us with awareness campaigns and fundraising initiatives.Click here to join the revolution.

Share a Lead

The effects of our endeavour will only be seen and felt when a large number of conscientious citizens join the cause. So if you know someone who would be interested in carpooling, volunteering, donating or associating with this cause in any other way, do put them in touch with us. Click here to share a lead.


We are always in need of funds to propagate this important cause and we ensure 100% transparency of funds received and utilized. Every donor receives a login ID and password within 24 hours of making a donation so that he/she can access detailed information relating to his/her donation. We also accept CSR related corporate donations. Click here to donate to the worthy cause.