from Founders of GreenCar

In today’s world when new Ideas are offered to public, with intention to earn profits and attract VC funding. We decided to work for society by offering free platform for carpooling. Investors haven’t shown interest to invest because they don’t see any opportunity to earn profit; So Founders have used various credit sources to make GreenCar a success story.
Peopleare so much busy in making money that they forgot their duty to Mother Earth. Money saved from carpool can be used for consumer products/ investment which can give boost to your economy.
Everyone talks about increasing traffic congestion and air pollution. People are blaming government even without taking one step to control it.
Delighted to share that we have more than 50K members.
GreenCar urge people to use Public transport or if that is not possible, to use carpool. You can reach us at for any comments or support.