• Carpool is defined as two or more persons sharing their daily commute on a regular or casual basis.

It’s easy; just follow these 3 easy steps!

  • Step 1: Visit and register on-line by providing the system with information about your route details.
  • Step 2: While on-line, search a ‘match list’. This is a list of matches that the system has determined as compatible based on the information you have provided.
  • Step 3: Make a connection. View matches on your route and contact the other travelers by pressing connect button SMS and email will be sent to him along with your contact details.
  • Yes. It may suit you to get a ride to work in the mornings, but travel home on public transport. Or ride to work with someone in your family, and carpool home with a colleague. Whatever works best for you and your carpool.
  • If your employer does not offer an emergency ride home you may wish to put aside some of the money you save by carpooling for your own transport in an unexpected event.
  • Give your carpool sufficient notice that you will be leaving. You can look for a new carpool partner or group and try again.
  • Ensure everyone has a cell phone numbers and agree in advance what will happen in the event of illness or mechanical problems - it is best to expect the unexpected. You should also make a point of deciding on a waiting time limit and sticking to it!
  • Safety has always been the main concern for potential carpoolers. Traditional carpool services failed to address this issue adequately and were probably why the carpool concept hasn't prevailed yet in the past. It is always our top priority and GreenCar has developed a state-of-art safety system. We are ensuring 100% SMS and email confirmation before a person starts carpool. We do employment verification and address verification on the basis of request received from co passenger at a nominal cost.
  • As we are offering 100% verified profiles and ensure safety of all the parties we request for address proof documents so that GreenCar India can verify the details. We are ensuring privacy of your details and will be share only in case of any legal issue.
  • Your privacy is important to us and we've made every effort to protect your personal privacy while also providing sufficient information for people to see their potential carpool matches and be able to contact them. We have restricted the zoom function on the map so people cannot zoom in to view the exact location of your origin
  • The GreenCar India is promoting car pool and working on making a better future our services absolutely free for the public to use. However we urge public to support the cause by donating or refereeing us.
  • To contact potential carpoolers that appear in your search result you need to press connect button which will show message to be forwarded to other party. If they are interested in carpool than with you they will get in touch with you.
  • No. Unfortunately, some users do not communicate with invitations that do not interest them. Please consider no response as a decline.
  • Please contact our support centre through this link Contact Us